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This course is for potential City Leaders who wish to start Serve the City in their own city or country. The intent of this course is to assess a fit for the City Leader with the vision, values, and basic methodology of Serve the City, and to give them the opportunity to envision what it might look like in their city and culture.

At the end of Part 1, participants will be asked to evaluate how they feel they fit with the values and practices of Serve the City, and given a choice of whether they wish to continue on to Part 2. At the end of Part 2, they may discuss with their coaches the possibility of applying to STC International as a City Leader.

To facilitate your identification and approval for participation in the Message Board discussions, please make your Username for this course your FIRST NAME + CITY (e.g. ShannonBrussels). Thank you!


Hi! I'm Shannon, one of the Instructors for servethecity.academy. My husband Carlton started Serve the City in Brussels in 2005, so I've been involved since the beginning! One of my greatest passions is helping people learn, and I have a Masters of Education in Curriculum Development. It's my pleasure to bring this together with one of my other biggest passions, which is Serve the City! I grew up in Australia, went to college, got married and had kids in America, lived ten years in France, and then moved to quirky Belgium in 2004, where we have lived ever since.

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